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. for the last few hours we' >> this is abc 7 breaking news. >> chaos at the boston marathon. at least two people were dead this hour, dozens more hurt after a pair bombs detonated at the finish line of that historic race. we are getting word now of another incident in the boston area that may or may not be related to the other explosions. >> this took place at the kennedy library at harvard university. we are now told it is probably fire related and a coincidence. we have team coverage on all angles of the story. let's go to jay korff in our newsroom for the latest. >> within a span of 10-15 seconds, one of the most popular sporting events in the nation turns into a scene of horror when two bombs went off. >> new video of the original explosion. it is just coming up. >> law enforcement officials say to back-to-back explosions near the finish line of the boston marathon set off at about 2:50 p.m.. dozens were injured and at least two were killed. the injuries are horrific. severed limbs, children with burns, the kind of injuries you see in a war zone. lacerations, amputees, a lot of shrapnel. >>
of the boston marathon. >> it was horrible. >> the coordinated attack killing at least three people and injuring more than 140 others turning another american city into a target of terror. >> it's like a bomb explosion that we hear about in the news in baghdad. >> the attack prompting heightened security from coast to coast. >> any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> and also acts of kindness and heroism. >> we took care of the ones that we could and got them into the ambulances as soon as possible. >> this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, april 16th, 2013. >>> good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning it is still unclear who is responsible for the two bombs that exploded near the finish line of the boston marathon. at least three people were killed and one of the victims was an 8-year-old boy. more than 140 were injured. at least 17 of them are in critical condition. the first bomb exploded just before the finish line yesterday afternoon. about ten seconds later another bomb went off about 100 yards away up the racecourse. the explosions
) >> at 11. terror strikes the streets of boston. two explosions near the finish line of the boston marathon. several people killed and nearly 150 others injured. there are new reports coming in. police are searching an apartment in a boston suburb. just five miles from downtown boston. and authorities have confirmed the search is connected to the boston marathon explosions. the f-b-i is leading the investigation. here is what we know right now. police say, at least three people were killed in the blasts -- one victim, an eight year old boy. more than 140 others were injured. the explosions were about a block apart - and happened within seconds of each other. some victims lost limbs, suffered broken bones, shrapnel wounds and ruptured eardrums. of those hurt, officials say, at least 15 are in critical condition. police have no suspects in custody. however, police are searching an apartment in a boston suburb. in connection to the deadly blasts. officials in washington say, there has been no immediate claim of responsibility -- but the attack is being treated as an act of terrorism. what's st
in an al qaeda magazine "inspire." investigators say the explosive in boston was most likely smokeless powder, gunpowder like this, available at sporting goods stores, not something more powerful like dynamite. and they believe the bombs were carried to the scene in dark nylon bags and set off by timers. the fbi is examining photos like this from nbc affiliate whdh to see if nylon bags might have been placed in trash bags on the sidewalk to appear less conspicuous. a former bomb investigator says the experts know what to look for. >> they are able to recognize the minute pieces of an article that a civilian wouldn't even know what it was, but a bomb investigator like fbi or atf will say, that's from a clock. that's from a battery. >> reporter: boston police say the area was checked twice for bombs yesterday, but there was no security screening. >> because there is unrestricted access to the race course, simply because it's 28 miles long, people can come and go and bring items in and out. >> reporter: authorities last night searched the apartment of a foreign student who was injured in
for the city that's fighting back. a special edition of "nightline" -- terror at the boston marathon is just 60 seconds away. >>> from boston, this is a special edition of "nightline." terror at the boston marathon with terry moran. >>> good evening and thanks for joining us tonight. here in boston on the day after. maybe the most striking thing about this city the day after the bombings is not just that boston is rising up. of course it is. it's a great american city. but that it is doing so under a kind of armed guard. the police presence here is very strong on the streets. in fact, several blocks behind me there where the finishing line of the boston marathon was, where those bombs went off, they're still blocked off. it's an active crime scene back there. and the presence of the uniformed military personnel patrolling the streets of a great american city. it's a different feel here. but for most people here and around the country, it was the emotions today. flags at half staff. and here in boston, mourning the dead, supporting the survivors, celebrating those life-saving heroes who did so m
>> announcer: terror in boston. this is nbc "nightly news" with >> announcer: terror in boston. this is nbc "nightly news" with brian williams. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> that is what it looked like at ground level. the finish line at the boston marathon. it was after the first, the top tier of finishers. it was at the four hour, nine minute mark, exactly 2:50 this afternoon when first one explosion and then a secondary explosion went off. people couldn't imagine what the first one was, but with the second they knew, they suspected it was some sort of attack. it appears tonight we are coming on the air yet again in this post 9/11 era with word of an apparent terrorist attack within our shores. a terrible day in boston on what is a holiday in that city. it is patriots day. they mark the lexington and concord battles. the red sox play baseball and they run the boston marathon. tonight the death toll stands at two. over 100 injured. we want to go to jonathan hall who reports from whgh tv. we have been watching their live coverage and airing it to a national
when we have it. background --me if you are a 20-year-old college student to grew up in boston, you'd be forgiven for thinking your mayor would forever be named menino. you can see the governor there who started his day by visiting the bear in the hospital. the mayor has had a number of health challenges, the longest serving mayor in boston history. he has decided not to run for reelection, but you cannot keep him down on a daylight today. he got cleaned up and came over to greet the press. we did learn some new details. the police commissioner backing off reports that what ever ppened at the kennedy library was related to this call much less certain. a fire or incendiary device is a new story. library officials have said it was just an electrical fire. we have lost two sold in this today. 100 injuries, two confirmed dead at the finish line bombing of the boston marathon. just a time check -- 6:00 to eastern and we are told to expect the president in the briefing room at the white house under eight minutes from now. we will of course carry his it's part of the grisly nature of the j
, and it is nearly impossible to see what's going >> thank you. [applause] >> hello, boston. scripture tells us to run with endurance the race that is set before us. run with endurance the race that is set before us. on monday morning the sun rose oaf boston -- the sun rose over boston. the sunlight glistened off the statehouse dome. in the common, in the public garden spring was in bloom. on this patriots' day, like so many before, fans jumped on to the tee to see the sox at fenway. in hopkinton runners laced up their shoes and set out on a 26.2-mile test of dedication and grit and the human spirit. and across this city hundreds of thousands of bostonians lined the streets. to the hand the runners cups of water and to cheer them on. it was a beautiful day to be in boston. a day that explains why a poet once wrote that this town is not just a capital, not just a place, boston, he said, is the perfect state of grace. [applause] and then if an instant -- in an instant, the day's beauty was shatter shattered. a celebration became a tragedy. and so we come together to pray and mourn and measure our
of the boston marathon. many people have been woundedment we do not have any confirmed reports of death although witnesses say that they believe that some of the people that they saw had been killed. we do not have confirmation of that area hospitals had been told to prepare for mass cash uments and certainly we have seen quite a number of people heading to hospital its. we do not know the cause of the expo-- explosions but we do have videotape of both of the explosions that have come not newsroom this is the immediate aftermath. you can see people near the blast site lying on the sidewalk, near the finish line, conscious but clearly wounded. we also have videotape of the two explosions themselves. let me show that to you one more time. this is the smoke clearing from the first explosion as the camera pans left you see its secretary explosion a block waya way. >> the boston police department is telling us now the two people have in fact been killed. and 22 people have been injured. in these twin explosions at the finish line of the boston marathon. this is official from the boston police departm
quote boston is concerne. is there a vengeance in the air now howie? you know, we are getting mixed feelings out of the town. it's a tough town. boston is strong. vengeance in the air? >> yeah, as i think i told you the last time i was on, bill, people are talking about the death penalty. i had a democratic state rep on my show tonight. he is reintroduced the death penalty legislation again. you know, it's, again, it's been very frustrating for the people here to watch these killers get life sentences and they say life without parole but that just means life until there is another liberal governor and then they get a come come come moon this. >> bill: geraldo has information for us. >> remember the dichotomy here. the radical older brother. the kind of hippy wrestler, gets a scholarship, i don't know what the welfare
quote of reason that we had all of these problems with, you know he, the incorrect stories in the boston media yesterday was because we were relying on the local cops. and we couldn't -- we didn't have any sources inside the joint terrorism task force. they also acted very professionally that way, bill. they kept their mouths shut. they just went about their job and they got it done. they really impressed all of us in boston. as you know, the fbi does not have a great reputation here in the city. >> bill: no. now they are going to be under fire because as we were discussing with geraldo rivera, this guy was tipped by a government, heard believes its russia. i think that's probably right although there is an outside chance it might be israel. the fbi got a tip on this guy. that you are looking at right now. tamerlan tsarnaev that he was a radical and that he travels back to russia for six months he comes back here and the fbi says he is clean. obviously he wasn't.
ago, authorities in boston have confirmed there has been a third explosion and the explosion happened according to the boston police commissioner at the jfk library. you can see the second explosion down the street there. were you able to see that? the tiers on the right and the second down the street. reports happening wildly. officially now from the police department two are dead and there are more than 20 injured. the numbers are rising and we are lead to believe that the numbers will continue to rise. neil was mentioning terror attacks, and there has certainly been an attack on the runners in boston on this patriot day. the red sox played this morning and the marathon was wrapping up. those people around the four-hour mark of running the marathon, they start at staggered time. people who would have finished at three and a half to four and a half hours were completing that marathon. it was a very high traffic time of day. these devices set to go off at this time within seconds of each other. and now we know a third explosion has happened at jfk airport. those who wish to do us harm
the bombings in boston. we speak with dan earlier today. he tells you security may be heightened. he stresses there's no specific threat against metro or any transit system. >> from the rails to the roads there an impact on drivers today because of emancipation dayion activities in the direct. >> julie wright joins us with wt the details on that that's a traffic mess, isn't it? >> we've seen the closures in place along 13th streetee between pennsylvania avenue and 8th street and closures along e street and pennsylvania avenua between 14th and 12th street. that's what we're dealing with. to complicate matters accidentt activity inbound pennsylvania avenue approaching minnesota. m that has traffic squeezing by tt the left. 14th street remains open. o there's a portion of pennsylvania avenue closed off o between 14th and 12th. keep an eye out for add decisional as well. wel that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic.ti >> we'll get the latest on the forecast of course. a lot of people outside for the parade today. >> right we're looking fine for it at least as far as rain. it's going to remain
see this scene all over boston, especially in the 15 or so square blocks of the back bay where the explosion happened. the area is completely locked down. a lot of businesses are closed. people are having difficulty getting in and out who live there. we were staying at a hotel in the area. and you needed identification to get in and out. so again, a lot of heavy security like you see here. patients at the hospitals, some in critical condition, still undergoing surgery. so there is the possibility that the death toll here could rise, but at this point, it's still stable at three. richard? >> ron allen live from boston, thank you so much for that report. >>> flags are flying at half-staff in washington today as lawmakers on capitol hill amend their schedules in response to what some call an act of terror. today intelligence committee members will be briefed by homeland security and the fbi on the boston bombing. nb krshs's tracie potts is in washington with more for us. tracie, good morning to you. >> reporter: richard, capitol police are telling visitors here expect more officer
and the extraordinary gravity of this situation really is upon us as the entire city of boston, residents there, told to shelter in place and not leave their homes as investigators try to get control of this situation. i want to go back to pete williams who has been doing some great reporting for us this morning. pete, as we consider the public safety issue now present in boston, this isn't just a matter of getting hands on this suspect, but needless to say he's extraordinarily dangerous and we've had reports through the night that during that chase with police, both of these suspects were allegedly hurling explosives at police. >> yes. it is interesting. i can't think of a time when a major community like this was basically under lockdown. even when you have a killer on the loose or someone who escapes from prison or gets out of police custody, an active shooter. to lockdown an entire city is really extraordinary. it tells you the seriousness with which they are taking this. now, we know that they had a good deal of explosives in the car that they carjacked. that suggests that they were carrying qui
in watertown where we are right now. also, cambridge, waltham, newton, belmont, and at this point all of boston. all of boston. this is a serious situation. we're taking it seriously. we're asking the public to take it seriously, as well. and with this law enforcement, by following those simple instructions, we have every asset that we can possibly muster on the ground right now. they are doing a terrific job and working in concert with each other, but we are going to need the public to help us help them stay safe. where are you, commissioner? >> right behind you. thank you, governor. as the governor said, this is a rapidly developing situation. within the last half hour, we received information that i have communicated to mayor menino the mayor asked me to come here and to tell you that the shelter in place recommendation has tended throughout the of boston. there's a lot of information coming in. we're working very closely with federal authorities in washington. we are examining all databases, all potential leads and there are officers that are moving around the city right now. please be pa
have some breaking news. we just got word -- it's boston marathon day and we just got word of not one but two explosions near the finish line of the boston marathon. these are live pictures, i assume from fox news boston, fox 26 up there, but it just happened while we were discussing this last story. our station there -- i said -- i meant fox 25, my fox boston. two explosions, and their reporter, maria, is reporting she saw the smoke at the finish line at it happened. strangely so far we're not getting much out of boston on this. jonathan hunt has been reading up and getting more information while arthur and i were talking. this is disturbing. >> one of the initial reports says the two explosions came from inside the fairmont plaza hotel. i'm not sure which of those building it is there. i'm just looking at's live blogging of this here. there is one report of injuries. i've not heard that anywhere else. but some ambulances are said to be on the way down there. i'm not sure if we can make them out in that picture. clearly this developing very quickly. >> shepard: we're getti
about the boston explosion? i did that." the carjacker showed the driver he had bullets in the gun and said, i'm serious. at the scene of the shootout in watertown where tamerlan tsarnaev was killed other explosives were also found. in an interview for "dateline nbc," the boston police commissioner said that's one reason he thinks the brothers planned other attacks. >> we had to step over unexploded devices they threw at the officers. i can only understand from that that they had other targets. they were going other places. >> reporter: both charges today carry the death penalty as a maximum sentence. it is a long way before the justice department decides to seek it. if it did, he would be, by far, the youngest defendant in a federal death penalty case in modern times. brian? >> pete williams starting us off in our washington newsroom. thanks, as always. >>> in the city of boston today getting back to something approaching normal seemed to be job one, starting with what will forever be the crime scene, boylston street, the finish line at the marathon where the bombs went off. katy
the running of the boston marathon at the finish line, about an hour after the top tier finishers, you see the smoke plume there from the first explosion, and there in the foreground the orange flame, the moment of impact from a secondary explosion seconds later. it was instantly reminiscent of how a lot of bombings have been carried out overseas, a lot of bombings that have targeted our men and women in uniform. an initial explosion, a secondary explosion right at the moment people are running in to help. we have since learned of at least a third explosive device that has been blown up in place and disposed of in the city of boston. biggest day in the city of boston all year, always. patriots day. the boston marathon. this is videotape from the immediate aftermath. being told something -- okay. this is on the "boston globe" website. we knew this existed. it's just coming in. ground-level view. and then the second explosion to the left. and i'm being told the photographer of the video, steve sill, is on the phone with us. steve, can you hear me? >> yes, i can. >> so you were using -- hey,
. and that is the aerial picture of the aftermath earlier. this is what happened during the running of the boston marathon, at the finish line, about an hour after the top tier finishers. you see the smoke plume there from the first explosion, and there in the foreground the orange flame the moment of impact from a secondary explosion seconds later. it was instantly reminiscent of how a lot of bombings have been carried out overseas. a lot of bombings that have targeted our men and women in uniform. an initial explosion, a secondary explosion right at the moment people are running in to help. we have since learned of at least a third explosive device, but it's been blown in place and disposed of in the city of boston. biggest day in the city of boston all year, always, patriots day, the boston marathon. this is videotape from the immediate aftermath. being told something -- okay. this is on the boston globe website. we knew this existed. it's just coming in. ground-level view. and then the second explosion to the left. and i'm being told the photographer of the video is on the phone with us. steve, can yo
. so if you're watching from boston tonight our thoughts are with you and we'll see how it goes. good luck to you. good night. >>> [ sirens ] >>> make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this and find out who did this, find out why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups, will feel the full weight of justice. >>> a horrifying day in boston, two explosions go off within seconds killing at least three people including an 8-year-old boy. more than 130 others were injured, some of them literally had their limbs blown off. >> tonight the entire 26.2-mile marathon course is a crime scene and will be searched we still don't know who is responsible for this horrible act of terrorism or is there a suspect in custody. you got to look at this video of the very first explosion. you hear it then see the plume of smoke and people just running and screaming. [ explosion ] [ screaming ] [ explosion ] >>> you couldn't help hear that first explosion if you listened closely, 15 seconds later you heard the second one. here is a map to help you understand how close they wer
morning, this is a special edition of ear dye today. i'm mara schiavocampo. the city of boston remains on edge this morning after a day of celebration was hit by terror. two deafening bombs detonating seconds apart as runners crossed the finish line at the boston marathon. police describe it as small improvised devices but had a huge impact. this morning three people are confirmed dead including an 8-year-old boy. at least 140 were wounded and being treated at nine boston area hospitals for injuries ranging in severity from cuts and bruises to limb damage resulting in amputations. doctors gave a late update overnight. >> there's a variety of injuries, probably the most common serious injuries are combined lower extremity injuries, bone injuries, soft tissues and vascular injuries. many shrapnel injuries. shrapnel injuries can affect the entire body. >> the chaos began just before 3:00 p.m. when the two explosions hit on boylston street. shortly after 6:00 p.m. president obama addressed the nation from the white house press briefing room. >> any responsible individuals, any responsible
weight of justice. >>> a horrifying day in boston, two explosions go off within seconds killing at least three people including an 8-year-old boy. more than 130 others were injured, some of them literally had their limbs blown off. >> tonight the entire 26.2-mile marathon course is a crime scene and will be searched we still don't know who is responsible for this horrible act of terrorism or is there a suspect in custody. you got to look at this video of the very first explosion. you hear it then see the plume of smoke and people just running and screaming. [ explosion ] [ screaming ] [ explosion ] >>> you couldn't help hear that first explosion if you listened closely, 15 seconds later you heard the second one. here is a map to help you understand how close they were together only 50 to 100-yards separated the two blasts tonight we've also got video of the aftermath. >> take a look. [ explosion ] >>> people were already frantic and screaming after the first blast and of course it only intensified after the second one. you could see people literally running off the bleachers. moments aft
amid the chaos. >> among the images from the boston bombings that are resonating across the nation is one of a runner knocked to the ground. you can see the power of the blast pushed this man to the ground. the 78-year-old from washington state said the explosion happened five feet away from him the. >> i got within 15 feet of the finish marker and a terrible explosion that was so loud it deafened everything. the shockwaves must have hit my body and my legs started going like noodles and i few i was going down. >> he got back up, though, and finished the race. he then walked back to his hotel. >> poll shows the majority of americans are still worried a if deal about the possibility of a future terrorist attack. if a march poll 63 percent of americans say they are worried about an attack, a pew poll taken in january found that 71 percent of americans say defending the united states from terrorist attacks should be a top priority for the obama administration. the issue of national security has been a top priority for at least 70 percent of americans since the poll has been taken whic
: and national security alert as terrorist target the boston marathon. the force of the blast could knock down one of the runners as he neared the finish line. the two bombs about 75 yds apart. >> everyone started to scramble. >> pam: pam police worry that more bombs may go off. hours after that explosion details after the attack still coming in. here again is what we know now. pool boston police have confirmed that two people have been killed one of them reportedly in a year-old boy. more than hundred and 30 people have been hurt and that number continues to climb. some of the injuries are serious others critical. no one has been arrested although, we are understanding what congress meant one congressman said a person is being questioned at this time. they are classified as a terrorist attack although it is not clear whether the people responsible are from foreign or domestic. >> a boston globe employees with shooting video of people crossing the finish line when this explosion happened. we want to warn you some of these are very graphic images. you can see and actually hear this first explos
spell out l ocho lolove. take that darkness. that now. msnbc's coverage of the attack today in boston continues through the night. please stay with us. thanks. >>> thank you. we're expecting a press conference from boston police about 30 minutes from now. we'll bring that to you live. let's start right now with what we know. here's the very latest information we have this hour on the horrific events that unfolded today in boston. this was the scene at the finish line of the boston marathon before 3:00 this afternoon. as we saw happened right at the finish line, there was a second explosion about a block further back. the explosions took place 4:30 minutes into the place. the explosions came at what was to be a high-traffic time at the finish line. authorities said they did not have any specific intelligence on an attack ahead of time. they closed down the area around the blast site for 24 hours and boston police are asking people to stay in their homes or hotel rooms and not to gather in large crowds. right now they're not sure where the explosive devices were placed and treating anyt
bomb blast off at the boston marathon. they are reviewing videos and-stashed like this one from a runner to jennifer tracy--who captured the first blast near the finish line. if you can see that she was running the marathon and you could hear just all-out bulls blast were. >> the boston marathon is a 117 year-old tradition, and it was halted yesterday when two bombs went off near the finish line. at least three people have died and more than 140 people were injured. emily schmidt is live in boston with the very latest. >> this was just a tremendous explosion perry ed shock waves hit my body and my legs started to jitter. >> the doctor stated that they were forced to perform a lot of amputations. it was so many people coming in with so many injuries. >> experts say that all parents were found in some of the victims. >> this cowardly act will not be taken lightly. we will turn every rock over to find a person that is responsible for this. >> monday evening president obama advised people not to jump to conclusions. if we will say a prayer for the people in boston. me and michelle
area of the boston bombing. everyone was fixated by those images and may have felt that if the images are being released, that the suspects may not have wanted to remain in your city, that they would have actually left. >> there is speculation on the news, and of course it is speculation, that they may have wanted to be caught a cousin of what over the past 12 hours. they shot -- to be caught because of what has happened over the past 12 hours. they carjacked someone and told them they were the bombers. it certainly seems like they either have a death wish or they wanted some kind of notoriety, or they wanted to be caught. because otherwise they have behaved quite stupidly. you would think they would have left town before the photos were released. >> just briefly before we leave you, we are talking to an international audience here. give us an idea of what the area of boston, watertown is like. tell us about your neighborhood. >> it is a very residential area, a very quiet area. --traditionally hasn't the it traditionally has a big immigration population. i am armen
" live this evening from boston. here is the latest the boston bombing investigation. responding to news a russian wiretap intercept ad communication of the bombing suspect's mother discussing jihad with someone who may have been one of her sons. why did russia wait until a few day ace go to turn over that information? would the fbi have done more if it had that information sooner? our experts fwhaeg on that. the only man that knows a motive behind thees keeping his mouth shut today. the suspect is staying quiet, dzhokhar sar nef. boston's baseball caps piling up at the memorial for the victims behind meear from the emotional visitors for the next two hours here on cnn. meantime, let's get to the latest. attorney general eric holder taking some heat for defending the timing on reading the boston bombing suspects his miranda rights. white house core departments and at the white house correspondents dinner last night holder spoke exclusively to cnn about his decision. athena jones has more from washington. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder under fire from repub
this search for answers after this boston marathon bombing. now two weeks ago today. we're going to talk about next couple of hours about the parents here w we're the tsarnaev parents as there had been coming here to boston. still this elder brother, the the medical examiner's office. also, this afternoon, getting new details from ashleigh banfield who is here in boston. nuggets as far as what she's been learning from the beth israel hospital staff, when this younger tsarnaev dzhokhar tsarnaev was taken last week to this prison medical facility in deven devens, massachusetts, 40 miles from where i'm standing. but i want to begin with the wife of brother, tamerlan tsarnaev. her name is katherine russell. she has been questioned by investigators. we at cnn would love to talk to her. we're hearing a little bit from her attorney and we have seen some action today outside of her parents' home in rhode island. we want to begin this hour with erin mcpike in rhode island for us right now. erin tell me what you've been seeing today. >> reporter: well brooke about 12:30 today th
world business today starts right now. >> we're going to continue our coverage of the boston marathon bombings starting right now. >>> an act of terror at a uniquely american event. >> boom, and then another one, boom. and then another one, boom. it was like one after the other. it was one big cloud of smoke. >> it's just really, really bad. >> the city of boston bloodied but not broken after two bomb blasts at the finish line of the iconic boston marathon. the attackers taking life and limbs but not the wilf a city or a nation. >> make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this, and we will find out who did this and why they did this. bostonians will pull together and move forward as one proud city and as they do, the american people will be with them every single step of the way. >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to this special edition of "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm brooke baldwin. it is 4:00 a.m. on the east coast. >>> downtown boston, this beautiful city is a crime scene this morning after a terror attack at the finish line of the boston marathon. normall
>>> that's all for us. we'll be back at 9:00 p.m. for the latest on the boston bombings. that's all, good night. morning. we'll be back 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night. that's all. thank you. good night. >>> we are getting our first look right now at the mangled remains of the device that literally blew up the boston marathon. these images could help investigators determine who is behind this deadly terror attack. >>> and gone too soon. a mother heartbroken over the loss of her daughter. >> she was a wonderful person. everybody that knew her loved he her. >> patty campbell was originally told by the hospital that her daughter krystle survived the marathon bombing. >>> and a night of healing. a candlelight vigil for one of the youngest victims of the marathon bombing, while in new york the yankee stadium crowd put aside their feelings for boston and channelled the signature sweet sound of fenway park. oh, my. that puts a smile on my face. >> what a moment. gives people of boston goosebumps. >> that matters. welcome to this special edition of "early start." i'm john berman. >> good morning.
at the boston marathon. i'm shepard smith. a white house spokesman says the explosions in boston are, quote: clearly an act of terror. now, from that same spokesman to learn whether the perpetrators are domestic or foreign and whether those perpetrators are members of a terrorist organization. to those questions at this moment we have no answers. right now awaiting another briefing from officials in boston with the latest information. it's scheduled to begin at this moment. we will take you there when it does. here's what we know right now. at least two people are confirmed dead, 70 hurt after two bombs exploded at the finish line of the boston marathon. one witness says he watched a trash can explode. here is video of the first woman and and -- bomb and moments of chaos that followed. [explosion] screaming] [explosion] >> shepard: and another camera captured the scene moments right after the first blast, along with the second explosion. both blasts came just before 3:00 boston time. the last runners finished time in the marathon is listed officially at 2:57 p.m. then the second one went o
started running, panicking. >> heavy hearts across the nation after tragedy strikes the streets of boston what could have been a huge day of celebration. >> we continue with the breaking news this evening following the horrific explosions at the boston marathon. the latest at this hour at least three people dead. more than 130 injured. after two blasts went off just seconds apart at the end of the race. right now the f.b.i. is taking the lead in the case and treating the attack as a terror investigation. however they say it's still unknown whether the attack was foreign or domestic. let's turn to maureen. >> we're learning more tonight about the victims their injuries and exactly what type of daevic was used to unleash this carnage on innocent bystanders and runners at the boston marathon. >> some blasts rocking a usually festive day in boston. runners going from running to the finish line to running for safety after two massive explosions at crowded cope lee hall just before 3:00 p.m. -- >> everybody ran in and tore down those fences and jumped in and helped the people. it was unbelievab
of the boston marathon. there are new details on the investigation into the attack. we will have complete coverage coming up. it's tuesday, april 16th. it's 6:00 in the morning. i'm jessica kartalija in for don scott today. >>> let's take a look at temperatures. kind of overcast this morning. most certainly humid. a degree cooler than this time yesterday. morning clouds will break up. look for a pleasant afternoon. 68 on the way to the low 70s. >> now to sharon at wjz traffic control. >>> if you are about to head out on the main roads, two problems at this hour. that's a live look at one of them. that is 95 southbound at 895. we have an accident that is causing a minor delay there on 95 southbound still blocking one lane. meantime, if you are heading out on 295 in the northbound direction at powder mill an accident. there is a live look at the west side at i-70. still plenty of space in between the cars. now wjz has more on the stories you are talking about. >>> three people are confirmed dead this morning. 150 are hurt in an unthinkable tragedy at the boston marathon. susan may guiness i
, the eyes of the nation are on boston, massachusetts, after a pair of explosions rocked the boston marathon. just over an hour ago, a ball of flames erupted from the side of the street in an area known as copley square. a second blast was felt just a short time later. the street was lined with spectators as the runners passed. a terrifying spectacle in the middle of an event that brings out the entire city. security is being beefed up all over boston. we have reports of counterterrorism crews visiting local landmarks. of course president obama has been notified, the white house saying he's in touch with local authorities. one witness said the scene was absolute chaos. >> we just saw the runners stop running. they were blocked, and we just heard a lot of sirens and just people were kind of frantic. so we knew that it was a bad situation. we had to get out of there. >> at this moment, we do not know what caused the explosions. we do not know whether there were explosives and if there were we don't know if there are more out there somewhere. the boston marathon put out a statement referring to
. and is being treated in the hospital here in boston this morning. john, diana. >> abc's marci gonzalez, reporting live from boston this morning. thank you. >>> well so many of those hurt in the bomb blast have suffered what are cat gorized as traumatic injuries. the majority of injuries caused by shrapnel hitting victim's lowers body. last night we spoke to a doctor here in new york city with years of trauma experience. >> one of the thing that all hospitals of that size in particular have in place is a disaster plan the we practice these a few times of year, do it here in new york at least every six months. though plans have in place mock exercises. we have put our resources into play. we have fake patients come into the hospital. so, having run those exercises repeatly gives you some preparation. this is completely unexpected. no matter how good your plan is, you will be overwhelmed. you are going to be dealing with a huge volume of patients with a wide spectrum of injuries not an easy thing to handle. i have to admit what tie have seen, an amazing job, from a blast, can cause severe
the boston marathon bombings on monday. the fbi says someone knows who did this as we get new details on the bombs that tore through the heart of the boston marathon. a viewer sending this picture to a local tv station what may have been the second bomb to go off. you see a bag next to a mailbox up against a barricade. that was along the finish line of the mayor,000 route. after the explosion there is no longer a bag there the image blurred due to the graphic nature of the casualties. the fbi says in the bag was a simple pressure cooker with a nails and ball bearings. investigators hope to determine where it was bought and who bought it. this photo showing a nail and what appears to be part of a zipper. fbi taking all these pieces and trying to reconstruct the bombs. thank you for spending part of your day with us. i'm bill hemmer again live in coply square here in boston. heather good morning to you as well in new york heather: i'm here in fox news headquarters for martha. fbi agents are pouring over the area inch by inch. boston police calling it the most complex crime scene in bost
in boston. a day of rapid developments, some false reports tonight based on imagery from the scene. investigators appear to know who they are looking for. >>> defeated. the post-newtown gun control legislation goes down in the senate. there are cries of "shame" from victims of gun violence wahing from the senate gallery. and the president reacts with anger. >>> high alert in washington after an unnerving day there. letters sent to the president and at least one u.s. senator have tested positive for the poisonous substance ricin. >>> and making a difference as some very welcome rescuers come to the aid of the people of boston. to the aid of the people of boston. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. now the investigation in boston is moving. after a day of fits and starts and several false reports, it appears that from a mountain of evidence has emerged an image, a series of images that likely show the bomber that police are looking for. parts of boston are still shut down. it was another jittery day there after a bomb threat at t
security at at&t park. how the bombing in boston has >>> the crowd erupting in cheers in boston. a city breathing a collective sigh of relief after the capture of the second of two suspects wanted in the boston marathon bombing. >> he was captured alive tonight. he is in the hospital in serious condition. this new picture shows the suspect as he was taken into custody. >> they failed because the people of boston refused to be intimidated. they failed because as americans we refused to be terrorized. >> president obama speaking from the white house. >> the capture came after a five-day manhunt that virtually shutdown the boston area as police conducted door-to-door searches. >> new video of people gathering at the finish of the boston marathon. it was a time to honor the victims and a chance to finally breathe a bit easier. >> we are exhausted, but we have a victory tonight. >> it is a night we will all rest easy. >> the marathon finish line is just seven miles from the spot where police captured tsarnaev. ama, what an incredible day and evening there. >> it is a stormy night her
sources are reaching out to people in the boston area, near the hospital to try to get additional information, but no confirmation that this is a suspect at the moment. >> we're waiting for president obama now, expected to address the nation in about eight minutes. at 6:10 eastern time. abc news has been calling nearby hospitals, counting 86 patients in the hospital. take a look at what the eyewitnesses heard and saw. >> i just walked away -- 15 feet away, 20 feet, and you know, a bomb went off. it knocked me to the ground. and then everybody started running, panicking. my first instinct, i knew when the bomb went off and they were standing right there, and i started to go back towards it, and another bomb went off. i felt the ground again, people running, you were getting trampled. >> i think we were all in shock. 15 seconds later, further up on the right-hand side, a second explosion also on the right-hand side of the street. then chaos. >> there are massive amounts of ambulances driving up to the medical tents and they're bringing out people one by one and putting them on the a
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